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Evaluating the Value Of A Diamond

Diamonds, which are made out of carbon, have been esteemed since ancient times. However, it wasn’t until the 1800s that they became extremely popular in the west. At that time technological advances made the gems much easier to mine, cut and polish. Furthermore, with industrialization came economic wealth so more people could afford to purchase them.

Diamonds are widely used in jewelry because they are the hardest naturally occurring mineral known to man and they sparkle magnificently. In fact they are almost impossible to scratch, which makes them very durable and suitable for permanent use. That is why diamond engagement rings and wedding bands are so commonplace in contemporary society.

Today diamonds are advertised and promoted very effectively. Consequently they are perhaps the most highly coveted of all gemstones. Even people who cannot afford naturally occurring diamonds can purchase a synthetic version which is called a diamante. However, real diamonds are more valuable so if you ever purchase jewelry for someone else it is best to make sure you are buying the genuine article if you wish to impress them. Fortunately there are ways of determining whether a diamond is genuine and evaluating its value before you part with any cash.

Carat Weight

One of the ways of determining the value of a diamond is through the carat weight. Each carat is divided into one hundred points. Therefore a gem with twenty-five points would have a quarter carat weight. The larger the carat weight of the jewel, the more money it is worth. However, carat weight is only one way of determining the value.

Color Of The Gem

What color should the perfect diamond be? In fact the most valuable among them have no color at all but are perfectly clear and without any pigment at all. Therefore diamonds that are tinged with colors such as yellow, brown, grey, pink, blue or green are worth less than those that are not. If you are shopping for a ring, pendant or pair of earrings always avoid diamonds that have a pink, green or blue tinge regardless of how pretty they may look.

The Clarity

Some diamonds have naturally occurring marks in them. These marks are called inclusions and they can only be spotted by an expert using a microscope. The more inclusions a gem has the less valuable it is. This is because inclusions have a detrimental impact on the dispersion of light through the jewel. In other words a gemstone that has many inclusions does not have as much fire or brilliance.

The Cut

The cut of a diamond does not relate to the shape of the gem.  Instead it is about the quality of the cut. A well cut diamond has more fire, proportion and sparkle. A gem that has not been well cut is worth less even if it has good clarity and color and a high carat weight. The better the cut of the jewel the more you should expect to pay.

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